FIT Summer


June 24th - June 30th 2024

FIT Summer

FIT is an international tournament that takes place outside Barcelona at Maresme coast every year. Top teams from around the world participate in this big celebration from the age of 8 to 16. The tournament last for six days with both group stages and play off.

Play with us

If your team does not participate in the tournament you can play with CS Academy! Dont miss the oppurtunity to play an elite tournament in Barcelona!

Number of teams

We have 4 teams for boys. 2010/2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Who is it for

Players that want to play tournament with players around Europe. Everyone who wants can sign up and play.

What level is it for

We recommend players with the level medium or high to sign up for our teams in this tournament. 

Fotos from previous years

Don´t miss the chans to play against top teams!


The organizer, Footvia, will let us know about which hotel we will stay at a few weeks before the tournaments starts. 

Every team will play minimum four games. 

U10: 2 x 15
U12: 2 x 20
U14: 2 x 25
U16: 2 x 25

The coach will be any of our coaches from CS Academy

At 4PM on june 30. If you arrive later its possible we can pick you up but we can not guarantee


Player: 950 euro

Family member: 660 euro