Who we are

We believe that, whoever you play with today, you should have the chance to play international top tournaments. CS Academy is runned from Barcelona by swedish and spanish coaches. CS is a new academy and was created in the end of 2019  but has many years of experience from elite football in Spain, Sweden and Italy.

We can also offer academy programs with us here in Barcelona. Its possible to stay between 1 to 10 month. Contact us for more information.

My name is Christoffer and im a swedish football coach who founded CS Academy Barcelona in 2019! 

After working in different clubs as a football coach in Sweden and Italy I decided 2017 to continue my carrer in Barcelona! After working a few years with training camps and tournaments I realizes that there are many players that want to play in tournaments, but cannot due to the fact that they play for a team that does not have the possibility to play. With CS Academy we make it possible! With CS every young player can come and play with us in Barcelona no matter where he or she comes from!! 

Also for older players we are making  the dreams come true! For players over the age of 16 we offer an academy program 1-10 months or weekly tryouts where the players can play in front of coaches and scoutes from different clubs in Barcelona! 

If you need my help, with booking a place in CS Academy, or to register your team for a tournament or training camp, you can contact me at christoffer@csacademyfootball.com