Anmälan specialpass

Anmälan träningspass Pedro Mendonca

Träningspasset riktar sig till spelare födda 2011 – 2015. Alla kan anmäla sig oavsett nivå, klubb eller om man spelar i CS i dag eller inte.

Malmö: 3 december kl 17:00 eller 18:00
Göteborg: 10 december kl 17:00 eller 18:00

Mer information om Pedro
Pedro Mendonça, a distinguished football coach, is the visionary behind the globally influential Football Coaches Lyceum. Pedro has earned recognition for his exceptional coaching skills. He has made significant contributions to renowned clubs like Real Madrid Foundation and FC Porto, showcasing his innovative techniques in football periodization and game model development. Pedro’s passion for the game and dedication to advancing coaching methodologies have attracted a substantial following, with hundreds of coaches worldwide, from grassroots to professional levels, embracing his teachings. His expertise positions him as a leading authority in the football coaching community, shaping the future of the sport.

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